We regenerate cities using trees, lighting, urban elements and microarchitecture

Living, planning, enjoying, resting. Life amid buildings entails the extension of our domestic spaces for each and every one of us. The shared enjoyment of urban life shapes a notion of urban development where citizens and nature are at the core. The city is changing and evolving, and we are part of this process.

This new platform enables a much smoother engagement to unfold between our headquarters and the world at large. It enables immediate access to invaluable digital tools for contact and project partnership. It brings together the wealth of knowledge built over more than 30 years in the form of segmented monographs, consultancy profiles and a wide-ranging project gallery. Through the website we are able to offer a wider range of projects and solutions thanks to the unique nurseries of Belloch Forestal.

Prominent new features

A contact page for virtual interaction

We place you in direct contact with our experts using a schedule for videoconferencing, visits or written queries. How and where is entirely up to you. We address specific situations by providing tailored solutions. Our experience enables us to offer you assistance with a swift turnaround.

Our Campus, a digital cooperative tool

Allow us to introduce you to a cooperative forum, a platform for interaction that organises your projects. You can exchange information in a confidential manner, accessing your queries in a clear, reliable and traceable way. We make the complexity of urban projects that little bit easier.

A network of expert consultants at your fingertips

From trees to fountains, encompassing benches, streetlamps or canopies, we provide a cross-disciplinary take on specific requirements, adapting each element to the specifications of the project. We provide consultancy services to create new ideas for urban spaces based on criteria firmly founded on our experience.

Four product lines for the city

Through Belloch Forestal we are growing. We have added the division’s expertise in urban forestry, its services and innovation projects, and indeed its selection of trees and plants for the city. We now produce urban furniture and lighting, microarchitecture and trees. These are four essential vectors in the 21st-century city.

Enhanced, detailed product datasheets

We have enhanced and upgraded our product pages, providing more information, more images and more downloadable files (using Revit). Excellent design is sustainable; therefore, we endeavour to be transparent when it comes to our products.

A gallery exhibiting over 300 urban projects

For more than 30 years we have been working in urban settings, major capital cities and village locations. Cities constitute the source of our inspiration and the setting with which we benefit from a wealth of experience. Implemented all over the world, our projects are a testament to our expertise.

Attention to the selection of articles

Our articles address design, urbanity and sustainability. They form an anthology of reflections and experiences on a greener, more human city. We strive to foster excellent design, to conceive of new social scenarios and to promote natural wealth.

User-centred focus

To ensure a seamless user experience, the new website features a modern look in keeping with the values of Urbidermis. Fast, interactive and, in particular, user-friendly, those browsing the website are able to access all the information they require in just a few clicks.

We have enhanced browsing both using the mobile version and the desktop site, reflecting on the needs of future users. This new version is more flexible, incorporates countless options and is integrated into our existing infrastructure.

It benefits from an extensive catalogue divided into four categories: urban benches, lighting, microarchitecture and trees. The variety of products and projects on offer is set out in various ways, enhancing their visibility during browsing. Flexible digital designs allow for an optimised search experience according to category, material, use, format or application, among other aspects; therefore, users are able to control how their searches unfold at all times.

A uniform design system

The new design emphasises the vision of the city that Urbidermis holds along with its values. It features a timeless, flexible and elegant look, forming a colourful digital platform in which green is the prevailing hue.

In order to help ensure the website stands the test of time, a host of modular templates has been created allowing us to present seasonal content and new products. Likewise, guidelines have been established for the visual content as a whole; as a result, image and design go hand-in-hand and ensure quality content is provided for all the professionals who work with us.