An urban element exhibiting architectural shapes and straight lines, the epitome of a refined purpose. A bench designed to be set up with or without a backrest, forming large platforms, which can be easily combined and is effective in promoting meeting spots.

Technical information
Materials and finishes
Cast iron supports and steel joint profiles, with antirust protection painted in black. Seat and backrest made from slats measuring 45 x 45 mm in the middle section with the top and bottom slats measuring 45 x 200 mm, made from tropical wood with certification FSC 100% protected with one-coat oil.

*The colors shown are merely indicative and may differ from reality. (Other colours available to order)
Installation and maintenance
Installed by means of two bolts with anti-rust protection per structure inserted into holes bored into the pavement, filled with epoxy resin, quick-dry cement or similar. The bench is delivered disassembled in two parts: support structures and the seat with or without backrest. Instructions, screws and anchor bolts included. No maintenance required, except to preserve the original colour of the wood.
1.80 m without backrest: 114 kg.
1.80 m with backrest: 132 kg.
3.00 m without backrest: 131 kg.
3.00 m with backrest: 167 kg.

Tropical (FSC)

Cast iron


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