A solid, elegant bin, in ergonomic shapes, that comes with an optional lid and is the perfect feature for urban spaces. The large round opening allows refuse to be easily discarded before landing in the container which lies between the opening and the pavement base line.

Technical information
Materials and finishes
Body and lid made from die-cast aluminium, primed and painted in light grey. Structure formed by polished AISI 304 stainless steel profiles. Inner basin made from black polypropylene (PP).

*The colors shown are merely indicative and may differ from reality.
(Other colours available to order)
Installation and maintenance
The element is installed 9 cm below pavement level by means of eight expansion screws. The element is supplied assembled and packaged. Instructions, screws and bolts included. No maintenance required, except for cleaning and regular emptying.
Weights / Capacity
Bin without lid: 27 kg. / 42 l Bin with lid: 31 kg. / 42 l
Cast aluminium

Light grey

Stainless steel

Mirror polished



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