Arne S

The Arne S floodlight complements lighting at lower heights. As it is smaller, it is highly useful for lighting buildings, landscaped areas or footpaths. The light can be adjusted in terms of intensity, colour, control or level of concentration and dispersion in order to showcase the best paths or monuments. It is available in a variety of formats to be installed on a column, catenary or the wall with multiple solutions which seamlessly integrate into any urban or architectural setting.

Technical information
8 LEDs 11W, 15W, 21W12 LEDs 15W, 21W, 29WCOB 19W, 27W, 37W3000K - 4000K
Type II
Type III
Type IV
Type II + II
Materials and finishes
Injected aluminium floodlight, primed and painted in light grey, medium grey or dark grey. Stainless steel clamp and extension. Injected aluminium primed arm and fastening parts. All the accessories painted in matching colour. Column made from galvanized steel, primed and painted in matching colour: 3.60 m, 4.40 m, 5.20 m and 6.00 m in height with a circular tube section measuring Ø 127 mm.

*The colors shown are merely indicative and may differ from reality.
(Other colours available to order)

Installation and maintenance
It adapts to various columns, structures and surfaces using accessories. Installation of the column by means of a concrete cube with a groove for the power connection carried out on site with four anchor bolts per column 20 cm below pavement level. The element is supplied in two or three parts for assembly: the floodlight and accessories; or the floodlight, accessories and column.
Instructions, bolts, template and surge protection (CE) included.
Floodlight: 3,7 kg

Light grey

Medium grey

Dark grey

Technical documentation

The Arne S floodlight has a built-in LED lighting module that enables several forms of light distribution.
Compatible with most smart control systems to achieve the right type of lighting and ensure energy efficiency and minimal functional maintenance.

This accessory enables a floodlight to be installed on a catenary by means of a simple fixing system.
Once it is installed, the Arne floodlight can rotate 360º on its own axis, which means that the light projected can be fully adjustable and parallel to the pavement.

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