Geometric and finely calibrated. An almost mathematical synthesis. Sam Hetch and Kim Colin designed the Slope luminaire by sketching out a gentle profile at a subtle angle of merely nine degrees avoiding light pollution and dazzle. Slope seamlessly fits into the landscape. The family is designed to adapt to all manner of existing supports and to light any public or private area. The swivel arm and vertical flow of the luminaire allow for non-invasive, efficient and comfortable lighting. It incorporates an extensive range of street arrangements that assure uniform lighting values, visual comfort and affordable maintenance.

Technical information
18 LEDs 22W, 32W, 42W36 LEDs 40W, 59W, 85W3000K - 4000K
Type II
Type III
Type IV
Materials and finishes
Injected aluminium luminaire, primed and painted in light grey, medium grey or dark grey. Injected aluminium accessories, primed and painted in matching colour. ABS injection inner reflector. Tempered optical glass diffuser. Column made from hot galvanised steel, primed and painted in matching colour: 3.60 m, 4.40 m, 5.20 m and 6.00 m in height with a circular section measuring Ø 114.3 mm; and 6.80 m in height with two upper circular sections measuring Ø 114.3 mm and a lower section measuring Ø 152 mm.
Installation and maintenance
Adaptable to various diameters of cylindrical column. Installation of the column by means of a concrete cube with a groove for the power connection carried out on site with four anchor bolts per column 20 cm below pavement level. The element is supplied in two or three parts for assembly: the floodlight and accessories; or the floodlight, accessories and column. Instructions, screws, template and anchor bolts included.
Luminaire: 6 kg.

Light grey

Medium grey

Dark grey

Technical documentation

Slope luminaire has a built-in LED lighting module that enables several forms of light distribution. The arm rotation and vertical flow of the luminaire afford non-invasive, efficient and comfortable lighting.
Compatible with most smart control systems to achieve the right type of lighting and ensure energy efficiency and minimal functional maintenance.

Wall lamp made up of an individual bracket.
It incorporates a wide range of street distributions that guarantee uniform lighting values, visual comfort and low maintenance.

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