A just volume, able to soften the view with the best technology.

In keeping with Nathan Rogers' proposal of designing from the spoon to the city, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin came up with the Tumbler luminaire, transferring their characteristic and very elegant interior minimalism to the noisy world of the city.

Tumbler is presented in the manner of a domestic lamp shade for urban uses, with a tapered section of rounded edges. It offers modularity and excellent lighting quality to adapt to the requirements of private and public spaces.


Red Dot Award 2020: Product Design. Urban Design category

Technical information
16 LEDs 20W, 28W24 LEDs 28W, 40WCOB 19W, 27W3000K - 4000K
Type II
Type III
Type IV
Type V
Materials and finishes
Injected aluminium luminaire, primed and with Light grey, Medium grey or Black paint finish. Injected aluminium accessories, primed and painted with same finish. Tempered optical glass diffuser. Poles made of hot-dip galvanised and primed steel, painted with the same finish: 3,60 m, 4,40 m, 5,20 m heights, with one circular tube section of Ø 114,3 mm; 6,80 m height, with two circular tube sections of Ø 114,3 mm at the top and Ø152 mm at the bottom.

*The colors shown are merely indicative and may differ from reality.
(Other colours available to order).
Installation and maintenance
Adaptable to Ø 114,3 mm cylindrical pole. The pole is fixed using a concrete cube, with groove for wiring, made on-site and four pole anchor bolts, 20 cm below the pavement surface. Delivered in three parts: luminaire, accessories and pole. Instructions, screws, template and pole anchor bolts are included.

Tumbler luminaire is compatible with Arne and Arne S products.
Luminaire: 6,2 kg.

Light grey

Medium grey

Dark grey

Technical documentation

Luminaire in the manner of a domestic lamp shade for urban uses, with a tapered section of rounded edges. Its volume is just right and able to soften the view with the best technology.

Individual arm adjustable and enables installation of one or two luminaires at the same height to a wide range of poles.

Poles manufactured in class 1 S-275 JR steel cylindrical tube, in one or two segments depending on the height. Hot-galvanised painted finish.

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