Coverage of the train tracks in Sants

Barcelona, Spain

Over the last century, the historical train and metro tracks cutting through the neighborhood of Sants have made a real gash in its urban fabric. With an average width of 30 metres, the railway split the neighbourhood from east to west into two practically isolated zones.


With the advent of the high speed train (AVE) in Barcelona, work on the railway infrastructure got underway to connect up the residents on each side of the tracks, boosting quality of life and reducing noise and vibrations from passing trains.


The Sants railway urban renewal project entailed covering the tracks with a structure of diagonally placed pre-cast concrete blocks. This will soon be made into four parks and gardens that will link Barcelona to Cornellà in a 5-kilometre green corridor.


This is just one more example of how new city planning – a symbol of the regenerative attitude of social awareness – devises new urban spaces for better coexistence.


Ignasi de Moner & Carles Teixidors architects.

Landscape architect Joan Pinyol.

Meritxell Arjalaguer

Adrià Goula