Plaza de Cataluña

Barcelona, Spain

The Plaza de Cataluña is the most central of Barcelona’s squares and the hub of some of the city’s most important streets. There is extensive first-class commercial and services activity concentrated in and around it, and it regularly offers concerts and events related to civic life.

To facilitate and encourage bicycle use in the city, the city council recently decided to install in this emblematic meeting point several Key bicycle rack by Santa & Cole Urbidermis, designed by Lagranja (2005), which moreover provide a touch of renovation and colour to the square’s cosmopolitan profile. This element’s circular structure allows both wheels of the bicycle to be fastened to it, and its finish in high-density polyurethane, not a very common material on public highways, protects the bike from aggressions which can damage the frame or the wheels without becoming an obstacle for passers-by.


Institut Municipal de Parcs i Jardins

David Levin
Mia Serra