Garibaldi Square (Naples, Italy)

In Naples, the project for the new Garibaldi station on Line 1 of the metro system falls within an urban district that is strategically crucial to the city’s logistics. Architect Dominique Perrault’s work will turn this district into the Quartiere delle Cinque Stazioni (the 5-station district), an intermodal metropolitan transport hub that will be developed over several phases. The first phase has already set out the dense geometric grid that characterises the project as a whole, defining the Line 1 station, the design of Piazza Garibaldi, the underground shopping area, and the large pergola that covers several surfaces.

To light this large square and the spectacular metal pergola that adorns it, Gonzalo Milá’s Rama has been chosen, a street lamp with clear, simple lines that combines luminaires at differing heights. The result is understated lighting that is fully integrated into the prismatic framework of Perrault’s project.

The LED technology allows to create a maximum efficiency lighting while emitting a high chromatic reproduction white light that helps to generate an attractive, alive and dynamic night atmosphere.

Mia Serra

Dominique Perrault Architecture