Port d’Aro Sailing Club lighting and furniture revamp, Girona, Spain

Located to the south of the town of Castell-Platja d’Aro by the Ridaura river, Port d’Aro Sailing Club is part of a residential area built around a large, narrow estuary stretching over half a mile inland.


Port d’Aro Sailing Club – Tumbler Luminaire, Aro Bench B and Aro Limit

The orographic characteristics of the port make Port d’Aro Sailing Club a unique attraction forming a pedestrian promenade along a whole perimeter stretch covering around two miles. This narrow perimeter belt has to be shared by pedestrians and motorised vehicles; therefore, the spaces designated for each use have been clearly defined by aligning the lighting and furniture, guaranteeing the port conveys a meticulous image by day and by night.


General project layout and design

The proposal takes into consideration the enclave of the facility, the proximity of the boats to the perimeter promenade and the desire to create an atmosphere of quality, peace-of-mind and relaxation at the same time.


Island rest area – Aro Bench

From the outset, an S2 (10lx)-type lighting class was set as a benchmark. Secondly, although most of the port is in an E3 light pollution protection area, the decision was made to use light sources and, generally, lighting systems adapted to requirements for E2 protection areas, which are more demanding in terms of preserving the natural night time conditions of the setting. Warm-hue LED light sources (2700ºK) have been used with a high colour rendering index (CRI80).


Residential area – Tumbler Luminaire

The base lighting elements conceived involve 4.2 metres tall, outward pointing Tumbler model streetlamps located around the perimeter of the port with a constant spacing of 18/20 metres. This is to provide suitable light for the pedestrian promenade and to avoid disrupting lighting privacy for the boats and excessive glare from the luminaires.


Rest area and promenade – Tumbler Luminaire, Aro Bench and Aro Limit


Residential area – Tumbler Luminaire and Aro Bench

In open spaces, in order to complement the perimeter lighting, taller poles are placed in a more freewheeling manner, carrying pivoting Arne spotlights.


Entrance view from island – Arne Pole


Entrance view from sea – Arne Pole

To complement the base lighting, resistant Finisterre beacons with light intended to signal and protect each of the promenade’s corners have been arranged.



Protected promenade area – Finisterre Light bollard

The lighting shall be managed by a smart system using a DALI protocol and point-to-point control.

Another of the instructions received was to use the furniture arranged along the perimeter section to form a physical barrier for vehicles, separating and protecting pedestrian areas. Accoridngly, reminiscent of the former masonry dwarf walls, the design of functional, modular furniture elements was considered, architectural concrete benches and borders, 1.5 metres in length with elegant, smooth geometry. These elements, which will be part of the Urbidermis catalogue under the name of the Aro bench and border, are multifunctional elements as they serve as a resting platform and a seat.


Island rest area – Aro Bench

Lastly, in order to enable low-speed, sustainable mobility, consideration was given to installing Key bicycle racks owing to the smooth shapes and high quality, gracious materials used in their manufacture.

The owners of Port d’Aro Sailing Club also asked us to submit a proposal for the overall integration of the project, taking into consideration the finish of the perimeter pavement, in addition to the lighting and the furniture. The pavement envisaged for this was continuous and stamped. We decided it was necessary to work using color hues that created an interplay and melded naturally, preferring not to apply color to the paving and working with hues that varied from white through various shades of gray to black. We also worked using textures instead of colours.


Parking area borders – Aro Limit

The upshot is a calm, elegant space, with a surface imbued in gray textures and an arrangement of furniture elements that showcases the unique morphology of the port, bestrode with streetlamps that arrange the space using a more striking darker tint.


View of promenade from island – Tumbler Luminaire, Aro Bench and Aro Limit

Lighting and furniture consultant: Urbidermis Team

Project coordinator: Enginyeria Reventós

Client: Sailing Club Port d’Aro

Photography: Urbidermis Team