A comfortable window of light every step of the way. In this beacon of essential lines, light and colour are combined in a game inspired by Kazimir Malévich's Suprematism. The windows of light are at differing heights, demarcating spaces and structuring paths with a combination of warmth and resistance.

The SKYLINE family also features a wall lamp.

Technical information
Materials and finishes
Bent steel sheet structure with antirust protection and painted. Inner reflector made of casted aluminium with paint finish. Tempered glass diffuser.
Installation and maintenance
The element is completed with two types of anchoring, supplied separately: embedded and surface-mounted. Embedded fixation by means of a base, installed to a concrete cube with groove for wiring, sunk 10 cm below the pavement surface, and fixed with four stainless steel bolts. Surface fixation by means of a base with three steel anchor bolts sunk into holes previously drilled into the road surface, with groove for wiring, and filled with epoxy resin, quick-setting cement or similar. The beacon is delivered mounted. Instructions, screws are included. Installation base separately.
35 cm: 5 kg. 80 cm: 10 kg.

Light grey

Cast aluminium


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