A bench comprising rhomboidal shapes, created out of an angle. Realized with or without back-rest, made of masscoloured concrete It was designed with a view to setting boundaries, containing land and forming alignments. Its simplicity, discretion and robustness make it alluring for the most uneven urban spaces.

Technical information
Artificial white stripped stone
Artificial grey stripped stone
Materials and finishes
Bench made from architectural mass-coloured concrete in white or grey, with waterproof exposed aggregate finish. Optional anti-icing and/or anti-graffiti treatment.
Installation and maintenance
Surface fixation by means of two anchor bolts sunk into holes previously drilled into the pavement and filled with epoxy resin, quick-setting cement or similar. Delivered packaged. Instructions are included. No functional maintenance is required.
Without backrest 48 cm: 195 kg
With backrest 48 cm: 395 kg
Without backrest 150 cm: 625 kg

With backrest 150 cm: 1,245 kg
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