We defined heights according to use — sitting, leaning, reclining …— and a mesh to interrelate the elements, depending on the type of function or programme. His compositional freedom allows easy adaptation to any type of space or program.

A system of seats and support surfaces with a strong rationalist identity. RAI is simultaneously a bench, a table and a meeting space with multiple combinations that provide a solution to rest and leisure needs. 

RAI is made of UHPC slats on an anodised aluminium structure, both of which are resistant and high-quality materials that guarantee prolonged use without maintenance. 

A system that proposes new possibilities for structuring spaces by combining a single beam with three support legs at two different heights. The possible combinations of slats and support legs offers multiple solutions on very diverse scales - in urban or landscaped areas as well as private community spaces. 

Technical information
Cast AG3 aluminium



Materials and finishes
AG3 cast aluminium support legs and anodised extruded aluminium finish. UHPC concrete slats, 2.38 m in length with an approximate section of 6x27 cm, mass-coloured with waterproof exposed aggregate finish.
Installation and maintenance
Embedded fixation by means of two antirust treated anchor bolts per structure, sunk into holes previously drilled into the pavement and filled with epoxy resin, quick-setting cement or similar; or by means of four stainless steel anchor bolts for surface fixation. Delivered in two parts: slats and support legs. Instructions, screws and anchor bolts are included. Surface fixation accessory separately. No functional maintenance is required.
Slat 2.38 m: 100 kg.
Low support: 4,5 kg.
High support: 5,9 kg.
Double support: 5,2 kg.
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