NeoRomántico Clásico

The NeoRomántico bench is a revision of the traditional romantic bench, with some major improvements: lighter and ergonomic legs made of cast aluminium instead of iron; wider and sturdy slats  creating its characteristic and more comfortable ergonomic profile, and a higher seat making it easier for people of all ages to sit down and stand up.


ADI FAD (Selection)

Technical information
Materials and finishes
AG3 anodised cast aluminium structure. Seat and backrest made of FSC®-certified tropical or PEFC®-certified European wood slats protected with onecoat oil.
Installation and maintenance
Surface fixation by means of two antirust treated anchor bolts per structure, sunk into holes previously drilled into the pavement and filled with epoxy resin, quick-setting cement or similar.
The bench is delivery assembled and packaged.
Instructions and anchor bolts are included.
No functional maintenance is required, others than to maintain the original wood finish.
Chair 0.60 m
Tropical wood: 28 kg.
European wood: 27 kg

Bench 1.75 m
Tropical wood: 51 kg.
European wood: 45 kg.

Bench 3,00 m
Tropical wood: 82 kg.
European wood: 71 kg.

Tropical (FSC®)

European (PEFCTM)

Cast AG3 aluminium
Technical documentation
Technical information
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