NeoRomántico Liviano

The NeoRomántico Liviano family, the lightweight version incorporating armrests, comes in a wide range of formats and materials: individual chair and bench, and banquette of varying length. Made using various woods. Purging the excesses of its predecessor, albeit without compromising on the highly characteristic ergonomics, it has a lightweight support with a refined, elegant poise.


ADI FAD 2001 (Silver Delta 2001)

Technical information
Materials and finishes
AG3 cast aluminum structure with anodized finish. Seat and backrest made of extruded aluminum anodized, heat treated European pine wood 100% PEFC-certified protected with one-coat oil or tropical wood FSC 100%-certified and protected with one-coat oil.

*The colors shown are merely indicative and may differ from reality. (Other colours available to order).
**Consult finishes for marine environments.
Installation and maintenance
Surface fixation by means of two antirust treated anchor bolts per structure, sunk into holes previously drilled into the pavement and
filled with epoxy resin, quick-setting cement or similar. The wooden elements are supplied assembled and packaged; the aluminum version disassembled. Instructions, screws and anchor bolts are included. No functional maintenance is required, other than to
maintain the original wood finish.
Weight (Kg)
Chair 0,60 m
Tropical wood: 21
European pine wood: 19
Extruded aluminum: 18

Bench 1,75 m
Tropical wood: 44.
European pine wood: 38.
Extruded aluminum: 33.

Bench 3,00 m
Tropical wood: 79.
European pine wood: 68.
Extruded aluminum: 53.

Bench 4,50 m
Extruded aluminum: 74.

Bench 6,00 m
Extrusión aluminio: 114.

Banquette 0,60 m
Tropical wood: 12.
European pine wood: 11.
Extruded aluminum: 10.

Banquette 1,75 m
Tropical wood: 26.
European pine wood: 23.
Extruded aluminum: 19.

Banquette 3,00 m
Tropical wood: 44.
European pine wood: 38.
Extruded aluminum: 29.

Banquette 4,50 m
Extruded aluminum: 46.

Banquette 6,00 m
Extruded aluminum: 61.

FSC 100%

European thermotreated pine
100% PEFC

Extruded aluminium


Cast aluminium

AG3 Anodised

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