The best expression of urban design. As a meeting point or setting for resting, the Nu bench provides a highly conducive platform. A large seat formed by wood slats placed atop a firm galvanized steel structure, with or without backrest and armrests. A classic of new urban design, solid and austere, the Nu bench allows for a variety of arrangements: side-by-side or as a single unit; it lends broadly civic orderliness to the urban space.


ADI FAD (Selection 1991)

Technical information
Materials and finishes
Structure made from galvanized steel welded profiles, with two or three legs supported on disks for stability. Seat and backrest made from tropical wood slats with certification FSC 100% protected with one-coat oil. The metal backrests are made from perforated sheet.

*The colours shown are merely indicative and may differ from reality.(Other colours available to order).
Installation and maintenance
Installed by means of two stainless steel screws per structure. The bench is delivered disassembled in two or three parts, according to the model. Instructions and screws included. No maintenance required, except to preserve the original colour of the wood.
Weight (Kg)
2.46 m without backrest: 45.
2.46 m with short wooden backrest: 69.
2.46 m with long wooden backrest: 83.
3.70 m without backrest: 69.
3.70 m with metal backrest: 119.
3.70 m with wooden backrest: 109.

FSC 100%



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