Thanks to the re-design of the traditional barrier for landscaped areas, Robert stands out due to three main features: functionality, simplicity and timelessness. Its modular design allows it to be used in a range of ways, adapting to the needs of the ground, and it can be set up in continual spaced or non-stop sequences.

Technical information
Materials and finishes
Cylindrical support and curved rail made from AISI 304 stainless steel (optionally AISI 316), primed and sandblasted.

*The colours shown are merely indicative and may differ from reality. (Other colours available to order).
**Consult finishes for marine environments.
Installation and maintenance
The support is recessed 10 cm below pavement level and is attached using expansion screws. The element is supplied in two parts and packaged for assembly: support and rail. Instructions and screws included. No maintenance required.
Weight (Kg)
Module: 2.
Support leg: 3,5
Stainless steel


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