Stainless steel railing, safety limit, leaning rail. Highly resistant despite its light appearance. Option to include a mid-level guard rail.

Technical information
Stainless steel
Materials and finishes
The support is made from three AISI 304 (optionally AISI 316) brushed stainless steel plates and a Ø 84 x 2 mm or Ø 73 x 1.5 mm polished stainless-steel tube rail.
Installation and maintenance
The support structures are embedded 100 mm into the road surface and fixed with a 125 x 125 x 5 mm plate and expansion anchors. Delivered unassembled and packaged in two parts: support and tube. Instructions, screws and anchor bolts are included. No functional maintenance is required.
Initial module: 43 kg.
Initial module with mid-level guard rail: 49 kg.
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