Sober, elliptical, robust and durable litterbin. Easy to install and very suitable for small spaces. The RAMBLA litterbin comes in two formats - standing or wall-mounted - with a range of volumetric capacities. Optionally it can include both an ashtray and a lid.

Technical information
Materials and finishes
Liner made of hot-dip galvanised steel plate bucket painted Black. Structure composed of two L-shaped profiles - 40 x 40 mm (42 L) or 45 x 45 mm (66L, 82 L) - welded to a circular hot-dip galvanised steel plate. Optional ashtray. Includes rings for easy bag placement.
Installation and maintenance
Anchored by two corrugated rods inserted into holes on the pave-ment previously drilled and filled with epoxy resin, quick-setting cement or similar. Delivered assembled and pack-aged. Instructions are included. No functional maintenance is required, others than standard cleaning.
Bin (42 L): 14,5 kg.
Bin (66 L): 18 kg.
Bin (82 L): 22 kg.
Bin with lid (82 L): 24 kg.
Wall-mounted bin (21 L): 7 kg.
Galvanised steel

Dark grey

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