Large square pot for trees and shrubs made from a robust, standardised structure that can be fitted with panels. Available in a range of sizes, materials and finishes, it is ideal for spaces where ground planting is not possible. Due to its simplicity, adaptability and materials, it can also be used in private spaces.

Technical information
Materials and finishes
Structure made of welded steel profiles with anti-rust protection painted Drak grey RAL7024. Panels made of tropical FSC®-certified wood protected with one-coat oil or resin, resilient to humidity and impacts. Base mesh made of hot-dip galvanised metal (maximum load: 1,000 kg). Fibreglass inner liner.
Installation and maintenance
Adjustable stainless-steel legs enable levelling. Delivered assembled and packaged. Instructions are included. No functional maintenance is required, others than to maintain the original wood finish.
Wood planter 90 x 90 (201 LO: 110 kg.
Resin planter (463 L): 90 kg
Wood planter 120 x 120 (210 L): 155 kg
Resin planter (463 L): 126 kg.
Steel with paint finish

Dark grey


Tropical wood (FSC)

Tropical (FSC)

FSC Certified tropical wood
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