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Large in scale, the SARA street lamp is an element that takes centre stage via two columns arranged in a cross that illuminate both pedestrian spaces and road traffic. Two different arms and two lighting systems: one diffuse and one direct.

Technical information
Materials and finishes
Street lamp comprising two poles of differing heights made of hotdip galvanised steel, primed and with Light grey RAL9006 paint finish, joined together as a cross by an AISI 316 stainless steel axis. The tallest pole tapers and is 10 m long and it supports four adjustable ARNE floodlights. The other pole is 6 m long and supports two linear luminaires.
Installation and maintenance
The pole is fixed using a concrete cube, with groove for wiring, made on-site and four pole anchor bolts, 24 cm below the pavement surface. The street lamp is delivered disassembled in five parts: poles, axis, luminaires and floodlights. Instructions, screws, template, pole anchor bolts are included. Instructions, screws, template and pole anchor bolts are included.
Simple: 185 kg. Double: 340 kg.
Aluminium injection

Light grey

Hot-dip galvanised steel

Light grey

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Technical information
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