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A streetlamp conceived in order to sketch out lines of light in the sky. If the twin luminaires are placed in immediate succession, continuous lines can be arranged. An element with highly geometric lines, its unique T-shape allows rails of light of variable length to be projected, stimulating the formation of large urban pergolas.


ADI FAD (Selection 1991)

Technical information
LINEAL LED 1x32W, 2x32W3000K
Type I
Materials and finishes
Column made from hot galvanized structural steel profiles, primed and painted in light grey, with a rectangular base measuring 150 x 100 mm and a forked pole measuring 100 x 50 mm. Individual shade with one luminaire or twin shade for alignments with two luminaires in a rectangular shape in the same material and finish. Extruded aluminium luminaire with a polycarbonate diffuser.

*The colours shown are merely indicative and may differ from reality. (Other colours available to order).
**Consult finishes for marine environments.
Installation and maintenance
Installation of the column by means of a concrete cube with a groove for the power connection carried out on site with four anchor bolts per column 0,22 m below pavement level. The twin luminaire streetlamp, exclusively for forming alignments, should be affixed to at least one other at the ends of the luminaire. The element is delivered disassembled in three parts: luminaire, shade and column.

Instructions, screws, template, trim and anchor bolts included.
Weight (Kg)
Simple: 103.
Double: 118.

Light grey

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