Gonzalo Milá


Following a first studio that he shared with a friend, he founded the Milá Diseño studio, together with Miguel and Micaela Milá, his father and sister. After working for 2 years at Santa & Cole he opened his own personal studio in 2001, where he practices his rigorous essentialism and his human form of designing, mindful of the importance of utility. His name is associated with elements that adorn and light up public spaces around the world, for which he has received various design awards.

In 1999 he joined the Urban Division of Santa & Cole as an editor and in 2001 he decided to embark on his freelance career to create what he loves the most: urban elements, inventing small things that are surprising day after day based on new technologies or the application of tradition to new elements. He is the author of the Rama (2000) and Candela (2009) street lamps, and together with his father Miguel Milá he has designed the Amigo wall lamp and the Harpo bench.