Corporate structure

Holding Company – Intramundana, S.A. 

Operational trough: 


Santa & Cole UrbidermisLighting and Urban Elements collections 

Urbidermis, S.L.   

  • Participated companies 
    •    Nearby Sensor: automation systems to improve the management of cities and buildings. Through very simple devices, to which any sensor can be connected, we allow you to have real control of all your spaces and infrastructures.
    •    Sensing Texgenerates flexible pressure maps, with technology based on the application and use of conductive inks with applications in health, wellness and sports.


Santa & ColeIndoor lighting and furniture collection 

Design Editions: Santa & Cole Neoseries, S.L. 

North American subsidiary: Santa & Cole Inc. (Atlanta, USA)


Books and pubblicationsEdiciones de Belloch, S.L. 

Real EstateParc de Belloch, S.L. 

Forest NurseriesBelloch Forestal S.L.

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