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Protocols and control

All our elements can be controlled remotely, both individually and as a group, using the most standardized control systems. This considerably reduces energy consumption and eliminates light pollution. We adapt our products to protect biodiversity and respect circadian cycles, eliminating harmful wavelengths. Our light fixtures follow the American standard IESNA LM80 and TM21.

Self-managed individual control programmed prior to installation. Suitable for projects that will use the same pattern throughout their useful lives, it includes up to 5 steps of automatic control with a geolocation system to define real night cycles.

Manual control of each light fixture. Suitable for projects that must coexist with other lighting technology. Programmed prior to installation, it can operate with analog dimming systems (phase cut/TRIAC).

Optional function parallel to the programming that can maintain constant lighting levels across the useful life of the installation, increasing the power of the light fixture proportionally with the depreciation of the LED. Our standard programming is 0h 80%; 60,000h 100%.

Optional automatic protection to protect the integrity of light components. It monitors the maximum temperature, reducing flux until an acceptable value is restored.

Protectors against surges caused by electrical storms. Dimensioned for a maximum discharge current of 10kA.

One-way analog communication protocol that uses a signal of between 1 or 0 and 10 V to provide remote linear control of the luminous flux between 10% or 0% and 100%.
The standard programming is: Vi ≥ 8V - 100%; Vi ≤ 1V - 10%.

Two-way digital communication protocol (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) for grouping, controlling and shutting off light fixtures, using 8-bit resolution with 254 steps and receiving status information for maintenance.

Lighting classification

Degree of protection of light fixtures against the penetration of solids and liquids.
IEC 529 - EN 60529 Standard.

(First digit – Solids / Second digit – Liquids)

5. Protected against dust penetration.
5. Protected against jets of water.

6. Hermetically protected against dust.
5. Protected against jets of water.

6. Hermetically protected against dust.
6. Protected against sea swells and similar.

Degree of protection against mechanical impacts provided by the enclosure.
In accordance with EN 50102.
IK08 (0.5 J), IK09 (1 J), IK10 (2 J).

Functional insulation in all its parts and ground connection.

Double reinforced insulation to avoid voltage in exposed metal parts.

Product Certifications

All our products comply with applicable European Directives and Standards, authorizing free circulation within the European Economic Area (EEA). We also comply with the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive and the Low Voltage Directive. We certify with ENAC-accredited external laboratories.

The certification guarantees the design, testing, evolution, manufacturing and assembling of approved products, in accordance with the applicable safety standards in the U.S. and Canada. Our light fixtures are classified according to the UL Standards for different environments.

We comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive for electrical and electronic components. We also comply with the Waste Directive (RAEE/WEEE) for respectful waste management.

All of our wood products comply with the Chain of Custody Certifications granted by non-profit organizations, the Forest Stewardship Council and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest. We certify both sources through accredited external entities, ensuring the supply contributes to maintaining biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes, benefits local populations and society, and does not profit at the expense of forests, ecosystems and society.

The Cradle to Cradle certification promotes the creation of responsible products. It exhaustively and rigorously verifies the useful life of products, following social and environmental best practices. It takes into consideration materials, manufacturing, processes, transport and end of life, among many other factors.

This approval ensures compliance with the requirements of the WRAS Regulations and Standards, which aim to prevent the waste, misuse, illicit consumption and contamination of the water supply.

Warranty of five years for electronic components and three years for all other elements.
Unauthorized manipulation of light fixtures or any of their components will result in a loss of warranty.

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Suppliers Code

We are leading our production ecosystem toward a sustainable strategic change.

MITECO Calculate Reduce Offset

We certify our emissions calculation in order to reduce the impact of our business.

United Nations Global Compact

We are signatories to the United Nations Global Compact and its Sustainable Development Goals.


Urbidermis and Belloch Forestal, together

We have more than 45 hectares of urban tree nurseries.

Ágora Verde

We create a inter-company environment to drive sustainability projects in the group's companies.

Second installation of solar panels

We generate more energy than we consume. Total power: 280kW·h


Production and use of km0 substrate in nurseries

We reduce the consumption of raw materials from far away and promote the local circular economy.


Integrated Pest Management System (PMS) at Belloch Forestal

We reduce the use of pesticides and insecticides.

Cradle to Cradle©

We expand the certification to the entire Neoromántico Liviano and Neoromántico Clásico family.

Policy to use PEFC™ certified wood

We use European wood certified to come from sustainable sources.


First installation of solar panels

We generate sustainable energy. Total power: 68kW·h

Urbidermis incorporates LED into its entire catalog

We make our products more energy-efficient.


Canon de Belloch

We publish a catalog of urban trees with a selection of 40 species for cities.


Urbidermis is founded

The former Urban Division of Santa & Cole was spun off into its own company.


WRAS certification for the Atlántida fountain

The Atlántida drinking water fountain is free from pollutants that are harmful to humans.


First Cradle to Cradle© product

We certify the 100% aluminum Neoromántico Liviano bench.


Implementation of Air-Pot© and drip irrigation

We introduce the recycled and reusable Air-Pot© system. We manage water in the nursery under strict standards.


Santa & Cole Forestal is founded

We create nurseries specialized in urban tree care, now known as Belloch Forestal.

Policy to use FSC© certified wood

We use tropical wood certified to come from sustainable sources.


Local suppliers policy

Since our creation, we have been working with local suppliers within a 400 km radius.


The Santa & Cole Urban Division is founded

The 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona inspire us to create elements for the city.


Santa & Cole is founded

We begin our journey as editors of elements for interior spaces.


We understand sustainability to be the field where management, ecology and design meet: three young disciplines that are very independent of each other, that grew in the 20th century and that are unavoidable today. We live in a world of organizations where we are all concerned with preserving the planet and in which design plays a fundamental role. Good design is sustainable.

Path to sustainability

We understand sustainability to be the field where management, ecology and design meet: three young disciplines that are very independent of each other, that grew in the 20th century and that are unavoidable today. We live in a world of organizations where we are all concerned with preserving the planet and in which design plays a fundamental role. Good design is sustainable.

Path to sustainability

Management, ecology and design

We are signatories to the United Nations Global Compact, which promotes the Sustainable Development Goals, and feel bound by it, striving to improve each day. It is a journey, not a goal. It is a habit and a morality, not a statement. We set targets for ourselves and regularly measure our impact and our progress.

Committed to the following SDG seals

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Quality, just like sustainability, requires and ensures efforts in intelligence and humility. We are concerned about durability, which is why we understand quality to be linked to the civic virtue of seeking out a common good and considering our obligations toward the ecosystem. Sustainability and quality are the two prevailing rationalities of our business ethics.

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We are living through times of urban revolution In service of new cities, Urbidermis offers an ecology of digital elements with remote control through our Urbidata platform. These include planters that monitor the status of urban plants by dispensing water from a built-in tank and reporting on incidents. They save water and make for efficient maintenance routes, less pollution, improved well-being at reduced costs and better plants.

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Protocols and control
Lighting classification

We outsource all our industrial production to a extensive network of local suppliers. The products in our catalog of urban lighting, furniture and microarchitecture are developed at Parc de Belloch, to be manufactured locally, near the end users, in Spain or in other parts of the world. Urbidermis has excellent license partners in en Australia, (Landmark), New Zealand (Fel Group) and United States (LandscapeForms).

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We are careful with material language. We do not deceive or falsify materials, but rather show the truth of every component. Our products are certified by independent bodies to validate our chains of custody. We do not contaminate drinking water, we manufacture using recycled and recyclable materials, we improve the efficiency of our electronics, we reduce light pollution, we strive to increase durability and we reduce the impacts of logistics.

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Product Certifications

Offices in Belloch

Since 2003 our headquarters have been located in Parc de Belloch, an extensive property spanning over 200 hectares, around 30 km from Barcelona in the direction of France. Away from the hustle and bustle and attentive toward nature, we are developing a knowledge park centered on management, ecology and design, surrounded by trees and with our own nursery, Belloch Forestal. We protect the biodiversity of our property and we responsibly manage forested areas to reduce our CO2 footprint each year.

Belloch Forestal Tree Nurseries

At Belloch Forestal we select and cultivate urban trees and plants based on reasoned empirical criteria and publish them in our Canon de Belloch. We grow our trees in AirPot®, thinking about their root structure and about improving their proper implementation in the city. We research pests and ground-cover plants to avoid pesticides and herbicides. We explore species in similar climates in order to choose non-native plants and trees that can adapt to our urban ecosystems.