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Monolith with timeless shapes that break away from the classical idea of an ornamental fountain. The Atlántida, with its restrained, functional lines, is inspired by traditional fountains, without their historical connotations; cleansed from excesses and designed to enhance the urban space.

Batlle i Roig

A fountain that does not call attention to itself

The Atlántida fountain can be placed up against something, or it can be free-standing in the middle of open spaces, creating compositions that provide landscape and functional uniqueness. Designed to withstand the most difficult of situations, it incorporates a convenient timed actuator, and a system for regulation and maintenance.



Monolith made from cast iron, painted finish. Evacuation mesh made from nodular cast iron, painted finish, supported on a hot-dip galvanized S235 JR steel frame, evened on the pavement and dimensioned to be the same as the water collection basin. One inch jet, with a filter made from cast brass, polished finish, and Presto model button. Pressure regulator and timed flow control included (an anti-icing valve can be included as an option).

*The colors shown are simply indicative. (Other colors on request)
**Ask about finishes for marine environments



The element is fixed, using four bolts, 10 cm below the pavement. For temperatures ≤ 0ºC, it is recommended to shut off the water flow and empty the circuit in order to avoid freezing and breakages. The element is supplied disassembled and packaged in two parts: monolith with tube and mesh with a frame, as required. Installation and assembly instructions, and anchoring bolts included.

Does not require maintenance, except for regular cleaning of the interior and the button.

Fountain: 122
*Approximate weight without packaging (kg)


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Atlántida in the city

  • Guilbaud garden Parks and gardens, Sports area
  • Josep Peray street Passages, streets and avenues
  • Can Rigalt park Parks and gardens
  • Can Soler urban garden Parks and gardens
  • San Cayetano square Passages, streets and avenues, Public squares
  • Antiguo Puerto Madero Parks and gardens

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