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Santa & Cole group

We work with urban planners.
We regenerate cities with trees, lighting, urban furniture and microarchitecture.


  • 01 Design
  • 02 Sustainability
  • 03 Urbanity

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We’re here for you. We know about urban elements, lighting, microarchitecture and trees. Set aside some quality time to talk with us. We have experience and we can help you quickly.

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Experiencie with cities

  • Marina Palamós Marina
  • Interface offices 22@ Corporative
  • Development of the surroundings of the Central Market of Valencia Cultural, Passages, streets and avenues
  • Customs port Mainz Riverside walk
  • Cuña Verde de O’Donnell Park Parks and gardens
  • Parc Explor Wendel Cultural

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We regularly partner with Batlle i Roig;
And we'd also like to work with you at our Campus.


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  • 03 Review your ongoing projects