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Privacy policy and cookies

Privacy Policy


In this Privacy Policy you will find all the relevant information that applies to the use we make of the personal data of our customers and users, regardless of the Urbidermis channel or means (online or in person) you use to interact with us.

The privacy of your data is very important to Urbidermis, which is why we want to be open and transparent regarding the use of your personal data. You’ll find a description of how we protect and process your personal data below.



Our Privacy Policy at a glance


1.     Who are we? URBIDERMIS, S.L. (“ “Urbidermis”) and we process your data as the data controller.

2.     What do we use your data for? We will use your data to manage your registration as a user, manage the purchasing of products, deal with your queries and, if you wish, send you commercial communications, amongst other purposes.

3.     Why do we use it? We are legally authorised to use your data for various purposes. The main purpose is that we need to process it to execute the contract you accept with us when you register and make a purchase or enjoy any of our services or features, although there are also other reasons that authorise us to do so, such as our interest in dealing with your queries or your consent given to send you our commercial communications, amongst others.

4.     Who do we share your data with? We share your data with service providers that help us or provide us with support, be they companies of the Urbidermis Group or external collaborators we have reached an agreement with, and which are located inside or outside of the European Union.

5.     What are your rights? You have the right to access, rectify or erase your personal data. In some cases, you also have other rights, for example, to oppose our use of your data or have this transferred, as we will explain in more detail later on.


We invite you to read our complete Privacy Policy below for a detailed understanding of the use we make of your personal data and the rights you have in relation thereto.



  1. Who is the data controller?

URBIDERMIS, S.L. (“Urbidermis”), with its registered address in Ctra. C-251 km. 5,6 8430 La Roca (Barcelona), and email, is the data controller in relation to your personal data. This means that we are responsible for processing and protecting your personal data in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time.


  1. For what purpose do we process your personal data?

Depending on the products, services or features you wish to enjoy at any given time, we will need to process certain data, which will generally be the following:

  • your identifying data (for example, your first name, surname, language and the country from which you are interacting with us, contact details, etc.);
  • financial and transactional information (for example, your payment or card details, information on your purchases, orders, returns, etc.);
  • connection, geolocation and navigation data (if you interact with us from a mobile, for example);
  • commercial information (for example, if you are subscribed to our newsletter); and
  • details of your likes and preferences

Remember that when we ask you to complete your personal data to give you access to any feature or service of our website, we will mark some fields as compulsory, as they relate to details we need in order to be able to provide the service or give you access to the feature in question. Please bear in mind that if you decide not to provide this data, you may not be able to complete your registration as a user or enjoy said services or features.

Depending on how you interact with Urbidermis, we will process your personal data for the following purposes:


Purpose + info
1. To manage your registration as a user If you decide to register as a user on our website, we need to process your data to identify you as a user thereof and give you access to the various features, products and services that are available to you as a registered user. You can cancel your registered user account by contacting us through our Customer Service.


2. Development, fulfilment and execution of contracts This purpose includes the processing of your data, principally for the following purposes:

–        To contact you in relation to updates or communications in relation to the features, products or services contracted.

–        To manage the payment of the products you buy, regardless of the payment means used.

–        To manage possible returns once you have made a purchase and manage requests for information on the availability and reservation of products.

–        For the purpose of invoicing and in order to provide you with the receipts and invoices for the purchases you have made.

–        To activate the necessary mechanisms to prevent potential fraud against you and against Urbidermis during the purchasing process. If we consider that the operation may be fraudulent, this processing may result in the blocking of the transaction.

3. To deal with customer service requests We only process the personal data that is strictly necessary to manage or resolve your request.



4. Marketing This purpose includes the processing of your data, principally for the following purposes:

–        If you subscribe to our Newsletter, we will process your personal data to manage your subscription, including the sending of personalised information on our products and services through various means (such as email).

Therefore, bear in mind that this data processing entails the analysis of your user or customer profile to determine your preferences and therefore which products and services best match your style when sending you information. For example, based on your purchase and browsing history (that is, based on the products you have clicked on), we will suggest products we think you may be interested in.

Remember that you can unsubscribe from our Newsletter at any time at no cost through our website, as well as by following the instructions provided in each communication.

5. Usability and quality analysis If you access our website, we inform you that we will process your browsing data for analytic and statistical purposes, i.e. to understand how users interact on our website and thus be able to improve this.


  1. What is the legal basis for the processing of your personal data?

The legal basis that allows us to process your personal data also depends on the purpose for which we process it, as explained in the below table:


Purpose Legal basis
1. To manage your registration as a user The processing of your data is necessary to execute the terms that regulate the use of our website.
2. Development, fulfilment and execution of contracts The processing of your data is necessary to execute the sales or service provision contract that links us to you.


We consider that we have a legitimate interest to carry out the necessary checks to detect and prevent possible fraud when you make a purchase. We understand the processing of this data to be positive for all parties involved when a payment is made for a purchase and in particular for you as it allows us to implement measures to protect you against attempted fraud carried out by third parties.

3. To deal with customer service requests We consider that we have a legitimate interest in dealing with the queries you send us through the various contact channels available.


When you contact us, in particular to manage incidents in relation to your order or the product/service acquired through the website, processing is necessary for the execution of the sales contract.


When your query is in relation to the exercising of the rights we will inform you of later on, or claims in relation to our products or services, the legal basis for us to process your data is the fulfilment of legal obligations on our part.


4. Marketing The legal basis to process your data for marketing purposes is your consent given to us.
5. Usability and quality analysis We consider that we have a legitimate interest in analysing the usability of the website and the degree of user satisfaction as we understand that the processing of this data is also beneficial to you because the purpose is to improve the user experience and offer a better quality service.


  1. How long do we process your data for?

The period for the retention of your data will depend on the purpose for which we are processing it, as explained below:


Purpose Retention period 
1. To manage your registration as a user We will process your data for as long as you continue to be a registered user (i.e., until you decide to deregister).
2. Development, fulfilment and execution of contracts We will process your data for the necessary time to manage the purchase of the products or services you have acquired, including possible returns, complaints or claims in relation to the purchase of the product or service in particular.
3. To deal with customer service requests We will process your data for as long as necessary to deal with your request.
4. Marketing We will process your data until you deregister or cancel your subscription to our newsletter.
5. Usability and quality analysis We will process your data from time to time for the duration of any specific action we carry out or until we render your browsing data anonymous.


Although we process your data for the amount of time strictly necessary to fulfil the corresponding purpose, we will then retain this, duly safeguarded and protected, for the period during which any liability could arise in relation to the processing, in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time. Once the statute of limitations on any possible action has come to an end in each case, we will proceed to the erasure of the personal data.


  1. Do we share your data with third parties?

In order to fulfil the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, we need to provide access to your personal data to entities of the Urbidermis Group and third parties that provide us with support in the services we offer, namely:

  • Financial entities;
  • Fraud detection and prevention entities;
  • Technological service providers;
  • Logistics, transport and delivery service providers and collaborators;
  • Service providers and collaborators for services related to marketing and advertising.

For reasons of service efficiency, some of the service providers mentioned are based in territories located outside of the European Economic Area that do no provide a level of data protection comparable to that of the European Union. In such cases, we inform you that we transfer your data with adequate guarantees and always ensuring the security of your data.


  1. What are your rights when you provide us with your data?

We undertake to respect the confidentiality of your personal data and guarantee you the exercising of your rights. You can exercise them free of charge by sending us an email to, simply indicating the reason for your request and the right you wish to exercise. If we consider it necessary in order to be able to identify you, we may request a copy of your identity document.

In particular, regardless of the purpose or legal basis in virtue of which we process your data, you have the right to:

  • Request access to the data we have in relation to you.
  • Request that we rectify the data we already have in relation to you. In any case, bear in mind that, in actively providing us with your personal data through any channel, you guarantee that this is true and accurate and undertake to notify us of any change or modification in relation thereto. Please remember that as a general rule, you must only provide us with your own personal data, not that of third parties, except as permitted by this Privacy Policy.
  • Ask us to erase your data to the extent that this is not necessary for the purpose for which we need to process it as indicated above, or to the extent that the legal basis for us to do so no longer exists.
  • Ask us to restrict the processing of your data, which means that in certain cases, you can request that we temporarily suspend the processing of your data or retain this for longer than the necessary time if required.

If you have given us your consent for the processing of your data for any purpose, you also have the right to withdraw this at any time.

When our legal basis for the processing of your data is your consent or the execution of the contract, you will also have the right to request the portability of your personal data, provided this is technically possible.

At the same time, when the processing of your data is based on our legitimate interest, you will also have the right to oppose the processing of your data. Finally, we inform you of your right to submit a complaint to the corresponding supervisory authority for data protection, in particular, the Spanish Data Protection Agency (


  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may possibly modify the information contained in this Privacy Policy when we believe this to be appropriate, for which reason we suggest that you check the Policy from time to time in case there have been small changes or we have introduced any interactive improvement, taking advantage of the fact that it will always be available as a permanent point of information on our website.


  1. Information on cookies

We use cookies and similar devices to facilitate your browsing of our website, find out how you interact with us and, in certain cases, show you advertising based on your browsing habits. Please read our Cookies Policy for more detailed information on the cookies and similar devices we use, their purpose and other information of interest.




Cookies Policy


In this Cookies Policy, you’ll find information on the use we make of cookies and similar devices that are installed on the machines of our customers and users. On occasions, the use of cookies may be related to the processing of personal data, for which reason we recommend that you read our Privacy Policy, accessible on our website, for more information on how we use the personal data of our customers and users and how to exercise your rights.


1.     What are cookies?


Cookies and other similar technologies like local shared objects, flash cookies and pixels are tools used by Web servers to store and recover information on the website’s visitors, as well as to offer the correct functioning of the site.

The use of these devices enables the Web server to remember certain data in relation to the user, such as their preferences to view the pages of this server, name and password, products they are most interested in, etc.

The specific uses we make of these technologies are described below.


2.     What types of cookies are used on our website?


We use our own cookies and third party cookies to give you a better browsing experience and obtain user statistics.

  • Technical cookies: these are cookies that are strictly necessary and allow us to offer the best experience and provide certain features that are essential for the correct functioning and viewing of our website. The cookies used are of a temporary nature in any case, for the sole purpose of making browsing more efficient, and disappear when the user session ends. Under no circumstances do these cookies themselves provide personal data and they will not be used to collect such data.


  • Analysis cookies: these allow us to measure the audience and traffic parameters, control the progress and number of accesses, etc., and are cookies that are not technically necessary but which are beneficial to you as the user. Our website will not install unnecessary cookies without your prior consent. The cookies used will be stored for a period of one year.


  • Advertising cookies: we use these as an analysis tool to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising by generating reports on the actions people carry out when they visit our website. These cookies will be stored for a period of three months.



3.     How can I manage the use of cookies on this website?


In the cookie settings panel accessible at all times on our website, you can obtain all the information on the cookies used by this website, together with information on the purpose, duration and management (by us or third parties) of each of them, so you can manage the enabling and disabling of the use of the cookies that are not strictly necessary for the functioning of the website. Alternatively, if you are browsing on the internet, you can disable the use of cookies in your browser. Information on the best way to do this in the most popular browsers can be found at the following links:

You can opt to avoid the use of cookies in this way at any time.


4.     Who uses the information stored in the cookies?


The information stored in the cookies of our website is used exclusively by us, with the exception of third party cookies, which are used and managed by external entities to provide us with services aimed at improving our services and the user experience when browsing our website. You can find more information in the cookie settings panel accessible on our website at all times. For more detailed information on the processing of your personal data in our collaborations with third parties and the data subject to international data transfer, we recommend that you read our Privacy Policy accessible on our website.