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As a tribute to the bench designed for the New York World Fair, James Corner Field Operations interprets and updates this icon from his city, keeping the character of the original, but optimizing its functionality and ergonomics. The Perisphere urban bench exhibits a robust and stylish presence with the characteristic curved profile of the armrests. It keeps the character of the original element. A bench designed for individual use, and for compositions in a line, combining bench and stool.

James Corner

Colorful character

The individual aluminum versions of the Perisphere bench bring an element of fun, with a selection of colors, designed to delight and highlight private use gardens or spaces with an identity. Three aluminum slats made from lightweight section, recessed between two support elements.



Structure made from die cast EN-AC-51100 AG3 aluminum, anodized or thermal coating finish with C3 anti-corrosive protection. Seat and backrest made from tropical wood slats with 100% FSC Certification, protected with a single coat of oil, or from extruded 6063-T5 aluminum, thermal coating finish with C3 anti-corrosive protection. A2 stainless steel screws.

*The colors shown are simply indicative. (Other colors on request)
**Ask about finishes for marine environments


AG3 Anodised




Tropical FSC 100%





Installation using two fixing wall plugs per supporting structure, inserted into holes made in the pavement in advance. The element is supplied disassembled, in two components: structure and slats. Installation and assembly instructions, screws included.

Does not require maintenance, except to preserve the original color of the wood.



The bench is the quintessential element in the urban setting. It permits rest, conversation, gazing at views, while adding quality to the public space. A backrest to provide greater comfort, with or without armrests to help users get up, made from use-resistant materials and finishes.

1,50 m Bench
Tropical Wood: 42
Aluminum: 34

*Approximate weight without packaging (kg)

The banquette is a second essential element in the urban space. Without a backrest, it is useful for areas with work surfaces or tables, or to create areas of more fleeting rest.

1,50 m Banquette
Tropical Wood: 28
Aluminum: 24

*Approximate weight without packaging (kg)

Aligned rest elements are essential for defining this space-creating function. Continuity in the composition facilitates social relations and encourages interweaving of narratives in city life.

1,50 m Bench
Tropical Wood: 42
Aluminum: 34

1,50 m Banquette
Tropical Wood: 28
Aluminum: 24

*Approximate weight without packaging (kg)


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Urban benches in the city

  • Sabino de Arana avenue Passages, streets and avenues
  • Cardiovascular Center, UCSF Health and education
  • Las Rieras de Horta park Parks and gardens
  • Marktplatz Public squares
  • Heilbronn University Corporative, Health and education
  • Parc Expo Paris Public squares

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