A culture resting on the foundations of design

The company’s founder, landscape architect John Chipman Sr., who established Landscape Forms in 1969 to create first-rate designs to enrich outdoor experiences, is a devout fan of nature and design. This worthy legacy is still present today and it delivers an upstanding identity, securely underpinned by three pillars: Design, Culture and Industrial Craftsmanship.
A leader on the North American market, the company offers an extensive range of integrated furniture and lighting solutions for urban settings by working closely alongside architects, landscapers, designers, universities and public and private firms.

A 15-year partnership

We at Landscape Forms – based in Kalamazoo (Michigan, USA) – and Urbidermis, in Barcelona (Spain) – embarked on our partnership in 2006 to supply North America with well-designed European products for outdoor settings. Since then, we have borne witness to the development of cities and their transformation towards more sustainable, social models. All the while, we have noted the significance of forging pleasant, quality urban environments imbued in biodiversity to benefit the physical and psychological health of society and to foster environmental conservation.

Urbidermis and Landscape Forms share a deep commitment founded on trust and cooperation in order to turn the spotlight of city enjoyment onto citizens and nature, endowing public spaces with beauty and diversity. Proud of the incorporation of our elements into a broad spectrum of cultures and situations, our partnership has enabled us to contribute to acclaimed projects: UCSF Cardiovascular Center, the LinkedIn Campus, Salt Lake City International Airport, Miami Underline, Orange County Great Park in Irvine, University of Texas Moody Center, Smoky Hollow district in Raleigh and Pier26 in New York, among many others.

Global design; local production

In the global hamlet, it makes increasingly more sense to bring production to the end consumer, endeavouring to be locally-based. In keeping with North American regulations, at present an increasing array of products from Urbidermis – which are designed and developed in Barcelona – are manufactured locally at the premises of Landscape Forms. We are limiting long-distance transoceanic transportation and thus minimising the resulting environmental impact, also giving rise to flexible delivery deadlines.

Current and future environmental challenges place additional responsibility with regard to the urban landscape. We are foreseeing an outlook where cities may become symbolically attuned anew to their natural environment. The solid commitment to local manufacturing, durability and sustainability, undertaken by Landscape Forms, has shored up our partnership. Consequently, we are able to offer the American subcontinent a broad catalogue of urban elements and services that serve a holistic conscience. Comprehensive solutions for architects, landscapers, lighting designers and local authorities.

Excellent European design

We have a penchant for products of excellent European design that are long lasting, generous, rational and which exhibit the required quality. As a result of our fruitful association, products from Urbidermis have been specified by clients of Landscape Forms in several cities in the USA and Canada, once again proving that excellent design can transcend borders. Both trusted brands are proud to stand behind these outdoor lighting and furniture collections: pragmatic, elegant and delivered sustainably.