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Modular bench with soft shapes, without a backrest, 1.50 meters in length. The Aro urban bench stands out as a result of its simplicity and versatility, being used as a surface for seating, as a supporting platform, or as a boundary. It can be used individually, or in a line, extending its functional perception.

Urbidermis Team

A friendly profile

A robust bench with a curved profile, ideal as a resting spot, or for separating road traffic from walking areas. Its formal expression and its material make it ideal for maritime areas, where wear and weather resistance are required. Along the boundary, ARO provides order, as well as functional and visual continuity, in the urban space.


Created using mass-colored architectural concrete, with a stripped, aggregate, waterproof finish. It is possible to apply anti-icing treatments with waterproofing, or anti-graffiti treatments without waterproofing.

*The colors shown are simply indicative. (Other colors on request)

**Ask about finishes for marine environments





Installation using two zinc-plated M20x180 bolts per element, inserted into holes made in the pavement in advance, filled in with epoxy resin, quick cement or similar. When in a line, it is recommended to leave a 2 to 3 cm gap between elements. The element is supplied assembled. Installation and assembly instructions included.

Does not require maintenance.



The bench is the quintessential element in the urban setting. It permits rest, conversation, gazing at views, while adding quality to the public space. A backrest to provide greater comfort, with or without armrests to help users get up, made from use-resistant materials and finishes.

150 cm without backrest: 680

*Approximate weight without packaging (kg)

Aligned rest elements are essential for defining this space-creating function. Continuity in the composition facilitates social relations and encourages interweaving of narratives in city life.

150 cm without backrest: 680

*Approximate weight without packaging (kg)


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Aro and other benches in the city

  • Port d’Aro Marina
  • Prat de la Riba avenue Passages, streets and avenues
  • Parque Fluvial Expo 2008 amphitheatre Parks and gardens
  • Ocellets park Parks and gardens
  • Environmental recovery of the Llobregat River Parks and gardens

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