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Vía Láctea




Forked column streetlight, ideal for drawing lines of light in the sky. If positioned sequentially, it allows continuous lines to be created with very few supports, removing one in every two due to the support of the assembly, which is suitable for pedestrian spaces.

Batlle i Roig

A line of light

As an element that is made up of highly geometric lines, its unique T morphology makes it possible to create differing lengths of light rails, and it encourages the construction of large urban pergolas. The forked shaft creates a 90º angle when joined to the light body.


Type I

1x 1,2m Lineal LED 57W

2x 1,2m Lineal LED 57W

3000K 80CRI



SV 0,24m2





Clase I

Column created with profiles made from hot-dip galvanized structural steel, thermal coating finish with C3 anti-corrosive protection, with a rectangular base of 150 x 100 mm and forked support of 100 x 50 mm. Single shade, with one luminaire, or double shade for lines, with two luminaires, made from rectangular section of the same material, and with the same finish. Luminaire made from extruded aluminum and polycarbonate diffuser.

*The colors shown are simply indicative. (Other colors on request)

**Ask about finishes for marine environments


Light grey

Column fixed in a concrete block on-site, with a groove for electrical connection, and four anchor bolts per column, 20 cm below the pavement level. Exclusive double luminaire streetlight for creating lines, with attachment on the side of the luminaire. The element is supplied disassembled, in three components: luminaire, shade, and column. Installation and assembly instructions, screws, template, trim, and anchor bolts included.

Includes pressure compensation valve and 10kV surge protector (CE).

Clean with a soft cloth; do not use ammonia, solvent, or abrasive products.

Single streetlight: 103
Double streetlight: 118

*Approximate weight without packaging (kg)


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Vía Láctea in the city

  • Finestrelles planning Parks and gardens, Residential
  • Central Park Parks and gardens
  • Marina park Parks and gardens
  • Trinitat park Parks and gardens
  • Charlie Rivel square Public squares
  • Riera de Sant Climent park Parks and gardens

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