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Sculptural, modular urban pergola that forms small landmarks and living areas under its covering: sometimes pathways, sometimes squares and other things, such as intersections. The Onda pergola marks out territory with its shade, which is projected by alternate slim crossbeams, reminiscent of the structures of classic street markets with transparent walls.

Salvador Moreno Peralta

Modular pergola

The wavy covering of this urban pergola, in a line, with concave and convex arcs, or just concave arcs, produces a regulated, calm, continuous area that reconfigures daytime and night-time activities, with two height clearances. The Onda pergola represents a pleasant shelter in the air, which promotes communal use and takes back outdoor space for the citizens.


Type V

2x 1,5m Lineal LED 22,5W
3300K 80CRI







Clase III

Great shade coverage of 25 m2 formed by twenty-two 110×110 mm crossbeams made from extruded 6063-T5 aluminum, anodized and painted finish with C3 protection. Supporting structure created with four 200×200 mm pillars and two 200×100 mm girders made from hot-dip galvanized S275 JR steel, painted finish with C3 protection. A2 stainless steel screws.

*The colors shown are simply indicative. (Other colors on request)
**Ask about finishes for marine environments


Light grey


Dark grey

Pillars fixed in a concrete block on-site, 20 cm below the pavement level, with groove for electrical connection for the version with light, and four expansion wall plugs per column. Entirely mechanical installation, with no welds, using A2 stainless steel screws. The element is supplied disassembled, in three components: pillars, girders, crossbeams. Installation and assembly instructions, screws, template, and expansion wall plugs included. Covers can be shortened, creating lines in four directions, in waves or in arcs, with a lower minimum working height of 4.8 m.

Does not require functional maintenance.
Element calculated for type II terrain and wind of 29 m/s, with ground made from loose or moist sand with medium compactness (E0= 4800 kN/m2) and HM-20 concrete foundations. We offer adaptations for more demanding terrain typologies and climate conditions.

Initial module: 1596
Line module: 1282

*Approximate weight without packaging (kg)


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Onda and other pergolas in the city

  • Plaza Costa del Sol Passages, streets and avenues, Public squares
  • Trinitat park Parks and gardens
  • Marina Moll Vell Marina
  • Supreme Education Council Health and education
  • Charlie Rivel square Public squares

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