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The Sammy bollard is an urban element that has a restrained, elegant look. It divides the space, separating transit areas and protecting accesses. A bollard that is designed to mark out the functions of the space, helping to lay out cities that are designed for people.

Oriol Guimerà

Organization bollard

The Sammy bollard performs the functions of a bollard and a rack for bicycles; a flexible solution that is ideal for solving the coordination problems of the city.


Element created using cast iron, painted finish with C3 anti-corrosive protection.

*The colors shown are simply indicative. (Other colors on request)
**Ask about finishes for marine environments



The element is recessed 15 cm below the pavement, using a Ø16 cm base which is part of the same piece, inserted into a hole made in the pavement in advance, filled in with epoxy resin, quick cement or similar. The element is supplied assembled and packaged. Installation and assembly instructions included.

Does not require maintenance.

Bicycle rack: 33,7

*Approximate weight without packaging (kg)


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Sammy and other bicycle racks
in the city

  • Obispo Cobos street Passages, streets and avenues
  • Brno city centre Passages, streets and avenues
  • Dr. Marañón square Public squares
  • Parc de Belloch, La Roca del Vallès Corporative
  • Mercadal square Public squares

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