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Large capacity litter bin designed specifically to be installed on beaches; extremely resistant to use, saltpeter and sand. The Bina litter bin is available in two models, one that can be recessed, designed for installation on beaches, and one that is surface mounted, for installation on hard ground.

Gonzalo Milá
Martina Zink

Large in size and stackable

The Bina litter bin is the perfect response to the harsh conditions of the summer months and the requirements of crowded spaces. The tapered body allows it to be stacked for storage, and it facilitates the attachment of the bag while the lid, fixed with a closure system, prevents it from being seen. Easy to use and maintain, it can also be customized with symbols.


Body and lid made from rotationally molded, mass-colored PE polyethylene, with a key closure system. Finish, logotype and/or customizable symbols. A2 stainless steel screws.

*The colors shown are simply indicative. (Other colors on request)
**Ask about finishes for marine environments

Amarillo sol_plastico

Yellow sun





The element is recessed 30 cm and filled in with sand to stabilize it. On a surface, it is fixed to the pavement using three expansive wall plugs. The lid includes a triangular key closure mechanism. Once its function is completed, it can be stacked for storing in a small space. The element is supplied assembled and packaged. Installation and assembly instructions, screws, and wall plugs included.

Does not require maintenance, except for regular cleaning.

165 l litter bin: 9

*Approximate weight without packaging (kg)


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Bina in the city

  • Barcelona Barceloneta Beaches
  • Alcaidesa Marina Marina
  • Castelldefels beach Beaches
  • Montgat beach Beaches
  • Badalona beach Beaches
  • Olympic Village Beaches, Seafront

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