A high capacity bin, particularly designed to be set up on beaches. It is highly resistant to heavy use, salt residue and sand. Bina is available in several colours and can be installed in the sand (recessed model) or on the pavement (surface model). Comprising a tapered body so it is easily stackable in storage, with a lid incorporating a large central opening, the neck of the body is designed so that the bag can easily be attached and remains out of view when the bin is closed. It is easy to use and maintain and can be easily customised using icons or company logos.


ADI FAD (Silver Delta 2004)

Technical information
Materials and finishes
Body and lid are made from roto-moulded polyethylene, mass-coloured in blue, yellow or green. Customisable finish, logo and/or symbols.

*The colours shown are merely indicative and may differ from reality. (Other colours available to order)
**Consult finishes for marine environments.
Installation and maintenance
The element is recessed 0,30 m into the sand and filled with some sand for stability while the surface model is installed using expansion bolts. The element is delivered assembled and packaged. Instructions and bolts included. No maintenance required, except for cleaning and regular emptying.
Weight (Kg)
165 litres.




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